Adoption Process FAQ


How the adoption process works:


The adoption process may be time-consuming, but is well worth it in the end; you adopt a pet that we match up to you.  This is not a first come first serve basis.  This process can take up to Three weeks or longer.  We will hold your application for six months. Your information will not be shared without your permission since we do work with other rescues.


EBRNetwork provides as much information on each animal's history, disposition and health as we can gather. We strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. We want each of our animals to find the RIGHT home, not just ANY home. Likewise, we want you to find the Bulldog who best matches your lifestyle not all Bulldogs are couch potatoes.

In our Adoption Agreement, we require that every animal be spayed/neutered. This is VERY important as the overpopulation of dogs in our country.  If for any reason the match is not as perfect as we all had hoped, the dog must be returned to EBRNetwork and not given away or turned in to a shelter.  So be clear about what you are signing and be prepared to abide by the contract. It is legally binding and we take it very seriously.

All of the volunteers at EBRNetwork have full time jobs and familes, all are bulldog owners, some being rescue dogs, some owning multiple bulldogs. We answer all emails as quickly as possible.

Also, please note we rarely get in Bulldog puppies.  If you are looking for a Bulldog puppy please be very careful on whom you purchase from.  Never buy off the internet, send moneys for shipping you will most likely be scammed.  Never purchase from a pet store you are only supporting a puppy mill operation.  If you feel a Bulldog puppy is what you are looking for EBRNetwork can help you find a Reputable Breeder even though we are all about rescue.  If you purchase a Bulldog puppy make sure the Breeder is a Bulldog Club of America member.  You can visit the site at


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